Geographical location

Geographical location

Plentzia is located in the Plencia - Mungia region, and is bordered by the final stretch and mouth of the Butrón river (or Ría de Plentzia). It occupies a land area of 11.17 square kilometres.

It stretches over a series of hills, rising gradually in height to Zabala-Ondo (213 m) and Kukutxa (109 m). Structurally, this area forms part of the "Bizkaia Sinclinorium", with a predominance of Eocenic materials.

The river forms a series of meanders, in one of which lies the urban nucleus of Plentzia.

Three geographically scattered districts make up the municipal area-Saratxaga, Isuskiza and the urban centre.

The urban centre consists of three well differentiated nuclei: the historical centre (the original nucleus of the town), Txipios and the "Ensanche" (or Extension), mostly consisting of buildings that reflect the recent urban growth of the town.

Tourist office

Address: Erribera Kalea 23, 48.620 Plentzia

Phone: 94 677 41 99

Fax: 94 677 45 61


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Guided Tours of the Old Quarter.

  • Arco de Santiago
  • Panorámica
  • Ola


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